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Cristiano & Rafael Nadal to open a new restaurant in Dubai this month.

Foodies in Dubai, get ready! The eagerly awaited opening of a stylish new Spanish eatery will be spearheaded by tennis pro-Rafael Nadal, 26, and football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo. Greetings from “Tatel“, the world-renowned restaurant with outposts in Mexico City, Ibiza, Beverly Hills, and Riyadh. It originated in Madrid. Tatel will soon be available at the Hotel Boulevard, Autograph Collection—formerly the Vida Downtown—in Downtown Dubai.

Tatel: Fine Dining with a World Accent

Tatel is well-known for mixing traditional Spanish cuisine with cosmopolitan global influences, which perfectly complements Dubai’s diverse preferences. Well-known for its contemporary Spanish food served with live music and a lively bar environment, we excitedly expect comparable

Culinary Ventures from Leisure Quest

Tatel’s cooperation with Leisure Quest makes it possible for Tatel to arrive in Dubai. Also, they bring to Hotel Boulevard another unique culinary concept.

 Introducing TOTO: An Italian Flavour

TOTO“, an Italian restaurant led by Nadal and Ronaldo, is opening close to Tatel. TOTO is a tribute to the golden age of Italian cinema, inspired by the famous film “Cinema Paradiso” and set to premiere in Madrid in 2020.

Romantic Italian Dining Atmosphere

TOTO’s cuisine features meals prepared with the freshest vegetables, meats, and seafood, as well as handmade pastas and traditional casseroles. The retro-chic environment accentuates the eating experience, and is complemented by live piano performances and an ongoing musical lineup. Considered as one of Spain’s best.

Final Thoughts

With Tatel and TOTO joining the scene, Dubai’s dining scene is going to get much more lively. Thanks to Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo, these A-list eating experiences offer a special fusion of delectable food, energetic settings, and life-long memories. Ahead of their official debut in Downtown Dubai at Hotel Boulevard, Autograph Collection, keep an eye out!