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Dubai has recently finalized a substantial land sale deal exceeding Dh300 million.

Dubai has witnessed a monumental shift in its luxury real estate landscape. The recent joint land sale transaction, valued at over Dh300 million, orchestrated by AveNew by RH, Pride and Property, and Landsmith Real Estate, has set a new benchmark in Dubai’s sought-after Jumeirah Golf Estates. This transaction signifies more than just a financial milestone; it mirrors the soaring demand for exclusive golf course communities.

Jumeirah Golf Estates: A Coveted Hub of Luxury Living

Nestled among the world’s top ten lifestyle estates, Jumeirah Golf Estates embodies opulence and sophistication. With its strategic metro connectivity and a lavish array of over 1,500 villas, townhouses, and apartments, this luxury golf course community stands as a testament to Dubai’s evolving real estate landscape.

Nitin Chauhan’s Insight: Redefining Luxury Living

According to Nitin Chauhan, director of Landsmith Real Estate, the allure of golf course-facing luxury villas in Dubai is undeniable. The scarcity of such properties, combined with the unique view of two Fairways, has piqued the interest of top developers. Chauhan’s vision propels this project to become the epitome of luxury living within golf course communities.

Kunal Singh Sandhu’s Perspective: A Promising Era

Owner of Pride and Property, Kunal Singh Sandhu, reflects on the escalating trend of luxury-property buyers in Dubai. This surge marks a promising trajectory for the segment. Sandhu emphasizes the collective efforts invested by Pride and Property and partners to orchestrate this record-breaking transaction, anticipating a brighter future for luxury real estate in Dubai.

Dubai’s Global Stature: A Key Player in Luxury Real Estate

Dubai’s status as the world’s leading luxury real estate market, ranked first in Knight Frank’s 2023 report, solidifies its dominance. Accounting for 17% of the global luxury segment’s sales, this land sale at Jumeirah Golf Estates heralds a continued upward trajectory for Dubai’s luxury property market.

The Future of Dubai’s Luxury Segment

This transaction, exceeding Dh300 million, serves as a beacon illuminating Dubai’s luxury segment’s continued growth and a sustained uptrend in prices.


1. What makes Jumeirah Golf Estates unique?

Jumeirah Golf Estates stands out for its metro connectivity and a diverse selection of over 1,500 luxurious villas, townhouses, and apartments, elevating it among the world’s top lifestyle estates.

2. How does Nitin Chauhan envision the project’s impact?

Nitin Chauhan anticipates the project to redefine luxury living within golf course communities, owing to the scarcity and demand dynamics of such properties in Dubai.

3. Why is Dubai a frontrunner in luxury real estate?

Dubai’s robust market, as highlighted by Knight Frank’s report, asserts its dominance, constituting 17% of the global luxury real estate sales.

4. What signifies the recent land sale transaction at Jumeirah Golf Estates?

The transaction valued at over Dh300 million reflects the surging demand for exclusive golf course communities and a sustained investor interest globally.

5. What sets Pride and Property apart in the luxury real estate sector?

Under Kunal Singh Sandhu’s guidance, Pride and Property have excelled in launching and managing projects for reputable developers since its establishment in 2008.

6. How does this transaction impact Dubai’s luxury property market’s future?

This landmark transaction serves as a testament to the continued growth and escalating prices within Dubai’s flourishing luxury property market.