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Dubai Mall to Introduce paid parking from July 1

Starting December 2023, parking at Dubai Mall will no longer be free. In a bid to streamline the process and minimize congestion, Emaar Malls, in collaboration with Salik, will introduce a barrier-free parking system. This innovative approach leverages vehicle plate recognition to automate payments, which will be deducted directly from the customer’s Salik account.

How the Barrier-Free Payment System Works

The barrier-free system eliminates the need for traditional gates or barriers. Instead, customers will be charged automatically using vehicle plate recognition. Payments will be deducted from the customer’s Salik account, similar to how toll charges are processed.

Ibrahim Sultan Al Haddad, CEO and board member of Salik Company PJSC, highlighted the benefits of this new system, stating, “Salik is ideally placed to provide this seamless and convenient customer journey, with the solution eliminating the need for gates or barriers at Dubai Mall, helping to minimize congestion and traffic for the customers.”

Parking Fees at Dubai Mall

Weekday Rates (Monday to Thursday)

– 0 to 4 hours: Free
– 4 to 5 hours: Dhs40
– 5 to 6 hours: Dhs60
– 6 to 7 hours: Dhs80
– 8 to 12 hours: Dhs100
– 12 to 24 hours: Dhs500
– Over 24 hours: Dhs1,000

Weekend Rates (Friday to Sunday)

– 0 to 6 hours: Free
– 6 to 7 hours: Dhs80
– 7 to 8 hours: Dhs100
– 8 to 12 hours: Dhs200
– 12 to 24 hours: Dhs500
– Over 24 hours: Dhs1,000

Applicable Parking Areas

The new parking fees will be enforced in the Grand parking, Cinema parking, and Fashion parking areas. Currently, Zabeel and Fountain Views parking remain free.


Certain groups and services are exempt from the parking fees, including:
– People of determination
– Public service providers (police, ambulance, emergency response vehicles, Civil Defense, etc.)
– Valet drop-offs

Tips to Save on Parking Fees

For those looking to save on Salik charges, consider taking the Dubai Metro. Disembark at the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station on the Red Line and use the Metro Link Bridge, which provides a direct connection to the mall. The walk typically takes about 15-20 minutes.

 RTA Feeder Bus

If you prefer not to walk, there is an RTA feeder bus that offers frequent drop-offs directly at the mall, making it a convenient alternative.


The introduction of parking fees at Dubai Mall marks a significant shift aimed at reducing congestion and improving the overall customer experience. By understanding the new fee structure and exploring alternative transportation options, visitors can navigate this change smoothly and continue to enjoy their time at one of the world’s largest shopping destinations.