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64,400 New Homes Expected to Enter Dubai Market This Year

The first quarter of 2024 has marked a period of significant activity and growth for Dubai’s residential sector. According to a report by Land Sterling, the number of residential unit completions reflects the emirate’s continued appeal as a prime real estate investment hub.

Robust Activity in the Residential Sector

Edward Sanders, Managing Director of Land Sterling, highlighted the market’s resilience and sustained demand for high-quality residential properties. “The first quarter of 2024 has been a period of robust activity for Dubai’s residential sector. The strong increase in new unit deliveries underscores the market’s resilience and the sustained demand for high-quality residential properties,” Sanders noted.

Dubai’s real estate market has shown remarkable resilience in the face of global economic fluctuations. The consistent delivery of new residential units is a testament to the city’s ability to attract investors and residents alike. The high quality of these properties further cements Dubai’s reputation as a desirable place to live and invest.

Distribution of Property Completions

During this period, apartments dominated the project completions, accounting for 75%, while villas comprised 25% of the new units delivered. This trend underscores the preference for apartment living in the city’s dynamic real estate market.

The predominance of apartment completions reflects a broader trend in urban living preferences. Apartments offer a range of amenities and a lifestyle suited to the fast-paced environment of Dubai. They are often situated in prime locations, providing easy access to business districts, entertainment hubs, and transportation networks, making them highly attractive to both residents and investors.

Key Areas with Highest Property Handovers

Looking ahead, approximately half of the upcoming residential supply is expected to be turned over to buyers within the year. The majority of future handovers are anticipated in MBR City, JVC, Damac Lagoons, and Business Bay. Notably, 70% of this future supply is expected to be apartments, while 30% will be villas.

MBR City and JVC: These areas will continue to see substantial handovers due to ongoing large-scale projects and high demand.

Damac Lagoons: Known for its themed lifestyle and leisure amenities, Damac Lagoons is poised to attract significant interest from buyers looking for a unique living experience.

Business Bay: As a central business district, Business Bay’s residential properties are highly sought after by professionals working in the area, making it a key location for future handovers.

The expected future supply distribution indicates a continued preference for apartment living, aligning with the urbanization trend and the need for compact, amenity-rich living spaces.

Strong Demand for Properties

The demand for properties in Dubai remains robust. The first quarter recorded more than 35,300 sales transactions worth around AED 88.8 billion ($24.17 billion). This represents a 20.5% increase in transaction volume and a 24.1% rise in value year-on-year, indicating a thriving market and strong investor confidence.

This surge in demand is driven by various factors, including:

Economic Stability: Dubai’s stable economic environment and favorable business policies attract both local and international investors.

– Quality of Life: The city’s high living standards, safety, and extensive amenities make it a preferred destination for families and professionals.

– Investment Opportunities: The potential for high returns on investment in Dubai’s real estate market continues to draw investors. The diverse range of properties, from luxury villas to affordable apartments, caters to a broad spectrum of buyers.

In conclusion

Dubai’s real estate market continues to flourish, witnessing a remarkable surge in residential unit deliveries and robust demand fueling sales transactions. The city’s strategic positioning and visionary urban planning make it a premier destination for real estate investments. Additionally, the government’s investor-friendly policies and innovative infrastructure projects attract global investors, ensuring sustained growth. As a result, Dubai promises a wealth of opportunities for investors, underpinned by ongoing development and market expansion. With its dynamic real estate landscape, Dubai stands out as a beacon for future investment prospects.