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Choosing Commercial Rental

Commercial rental is the leasing of a property or space for conducting business activities. The rental terms are customized according to the specific needs of the business and the property owner. However, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with Civil Defence, Fire Fighting, and Municipality regulations for the safety of tenants and the public. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines and legal consequences. For instance, a car repair garage might require a different rental space compared to a central kitchen or food storage facility. Therefore, it’s vital to check with local authorities for zoning restrictions, building codes, and permits to ensure compliance with regulations.

  1. For instance, a Central Kitchen will require a functioning sewerage system to properly dispose of wastewater and a reliable source of electricity to power (the kitchen’s equipment and lighting (35-45 Kilowatts)
  2. Storage Business needs checks with the municipality to see if the property is zoned for a storage facility. If not, may need to apply for a zoning variance, and check for fire sprinkler systems, civil defense, and firefighting systems.
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3. The above factors may cause delay, a client might end up paying rent and not utilizing the facility, post the rental agreement. Rental Agreement details can be accessed here:

Commercial Licensing requirements

Having an existing Trade License or Approval from Dubai Economic Department greatly enhances the rental process, top trending areas for commercial renting are Al Quoz, Jebel Ali, Dubai Investment Park, Ras Al Khor, and Dubai Industrial City, also DIC has no Tax on Rent, whereas Al Quoz to DIP Rental Taxation is 20% to 15%, further info can be acquired from Dubai Economic Department.

Commercial Leasing Rates

Rental rates range from AED 30-40 for Rent Warehouse and AED 10-15 for Commercial Land, working staff are not allowed to live in the Commercial premises, except for Security Staff, or if there are variations provided by relevant Authorities.

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